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best electric water heaters in Kenya

Durable Electric Water Heaters in Kenya

Explore the FlowPlumb™ Electric Water Heater featuring the revolutionary Blue Forever technology.

At the heart of our FlowPlumb™ Water Heater is the groundbreaking Blue Forever technology. FlowPlumb electric water heaters boast a new generation of ultra-strong heating elements and silicon glass lined tanks.
This patented technology offers resilience against wear & tear and is designed to:

  • Reduce scaling, keeping your water heater running smoothly
  • Increase heating efficiency, for faster heating & reliable performance
  • Extend the life of your heating element, saving you on maintenance costs

Built to Last

FlowPlumb Blue Forever Elements are designed to outlast all known conventional elements. We believe in the durability of our product, which is why your Blue Forever element is backed by our generous 5-year warranty. That’s half a decade of stress-free hot water!

Normal copper heating element
Normal copper heating element
Blue Forever element resists limescale to deliver maximum heat
Blue Forever element resists limescale to deliver maximum heat


  • 5 year warranty, including the element
  • Environmentally friendly – non CFC’s and highly recyclable at end of life
  • Low energy use – 1500w
  • Blue glass tank lining increases efficiency & life of product
  • Blue Forever element delivers more heat using less electricity
  • Heat and UV resistant steel epoxy tank
  • Safety – high liquid intrusion protection
  • Safety – five bolt flange housing electric components
  • Safety – pressure relief valve set at 8 bar
  • External controls puts you in charge for the perfect temperature


  • How long does it take to heat up?

    • Our 50 litre model takes only 1 hour and 25 minutes to reach ready-to-use status.
    • Our 100 litre model takes only 2 hours and 53 minutes to reach ready-to-use status.
  • Is there a warranty?

    • FlowPlumb electric water heaters boast an impressive five-year warranty, surpassing industry standards where most heaters typically offer warranties of 2, 3, or sometimes 4 years.
    • Our warranty extends to cover our Blue Forever element, providing comprehensive protection for your investment.
  • What sizes do FlowPlumb electric water heaters come in?

    Our product range includes the popular 50 litre & 100 litre models, catering to various household needs.

    We also offer a diverse selection, ranging from electric showers, 10 litre undersink heaters to robust industrial units like the 500 litre capacity suitable for institutions such as schools and hospitals.

  • How energy-efficient are FlowPlumb electric water heaters?

    FlowPlumb electric water heaters are designed with energy efficiency in mind. Our innovative technology ensures optimal heating performance while minimizing energy consumption.

  • Can FlowPlumb water heaters be installed in small spaces?

    Yes, our water heaters are compact & versatile, making them suitable for installation in tight spaces. Whether it’s an apartment with limited storage or a utility room with space constraints, FlowPlumb electric water heaters are designed to fit seamlessly into various environments.

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