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durable premolded manholes/inspection chamber

Durable & Reliable Manholes/Inspection Chambers

Transform your underground drainage systems with FlowPlumb Manholes/Inspection Chambers.

Our FlowPlumb™ pre-moulded manholes provide a quick, accurate and longer lasting solution to inspection chambers for underground drainage systems.

While brick manholes take days to construct, are susceptible to damage, have rough edges causing blockages and use metal lids which can be stolen for scrap, FlowPlumb manholes have many advantages, are quick and easy to install and are adaptable depending on your needs.

Hassle-Free Drainage With Durable FlowPlumb Manholes


  • Fast & easy installation
  • Adaptable – 280mm to 1200mm deep
  • Lids have zero theft value and are screwed down for safety
  • Outlets are precise and accurate
  • Smooth interior prevents blockages
  • Smooth exterior deflects tree roots to prevent damage
  • Flexible enough to cope with any earth movement without leaking
  • Can be positioned on driveways (max weight 4 tons)
  • Maintenance free – manufactured to British Standards


  • Why should I install manholes in my drainage system?

    Manholes are essential wherever your drainage pipes change direction. They serve the crucial purpose of facilitating these directional changes and provide a convenient access point in case of blockages further down the pipe.

  • What is the lifespan of FlowPlumb manholes?

    FlowPlumb manholes are manufactured to meet British Standards, ensuring a design life of at least 50 years. However, these manholes often exceed this timeframe.
    Unlike traditional brick manholes, which may have a short lifespan due to factors like earth movement or tree roots, FlowPlumb manholes offer long-lasting performance.

  • Are FlowPlumb manholes a one-size-fits-all solution?

    No, we offer two different sizes to cater to various needs. The smaller 250mm diameter chamber is suitable for general changes of direction and drainage system input, while the larger 450mm manhole provides better access.
    Typically, a basic building would require 250mm manholes at each corner, with the system feeding into a central 450mm manhole.

  • Can I use FlowPlumb manholes for electric cabling?

    Absolutely. Many of our customers use FlowPlumb manholes as inspection points for laying underground electric cables or telephone wires.

    The versatility of our manholes extends beyond drainage systems, making them a convenient choice for various applications.

  • How do FlowPlumb manholes compare to traditional brick manholes?

    FlowPlumb manholes offer a superior alternative to traditional brick manholes. With a quick and easy installation process, theft-resistant lids, precise outlets, and a flexible design, FlowPlumb manholes outperform traditional options in terms of durability, security, and adaptability.

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