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Rusty metal before treatment with Neutrarust rust converter
Before Neutrarust
Metal treated with Neutrarust rust converter
After Neutrarust Rust Converter

Neutrarust - Rust Management Solutions

Welcome to the forefront of rust protection with Neutrarust – The Original Rust Converter.

Rust will always occur with a combination of ferrous metal, moisture and oxygen. Add surface pollutants such as acid (in industrial areas) or salt (in coastal regions) and these act to accelerate the rusting process.

That’s why we bring you Neutrarust, a revolutionary solution designed to tackle rust head-on and provide lasting protection. Neutrarust is the only rust converter which:

  • Removes surface pollutants
  • Removes the moisture and oxygen from the rust
  • Coats the metal with an oxygen and moisture-proof latex membrane

The result is a primer finish that can either be left or painted straight over. A Neutrarust treatment should last at least 3-5 years.

Transform rust challenges into lasting solutions with Neutrarust's professional-grade protection.


  • The world’s best rust converter
  • Easy application with a brush, roller or spray
  • High Coverage – 1 litre will cover up to 12 sqm
  • Can be used to prevent or repair spalling
  • Can be used on bridges, boats, vehicles, mining, oil & gas installations, Gates, railings, and furniture
  • Can be used on submerged structures
  • Has been used by NATO and the Royal Navy for over 40 years
  • Manufactured in Great Britain


  • Is Neutrarust safe to use?

    Yes, Neutrarust is classified as non-hazardous. It is entirely toxic-free and acid-free, ensuring a safe application for both users and the environment.

  • How is Neutrarust applied?

    Neutrarust offers a quick and easy application process. With a little going a long way, just 1 litre of Neutrarust can effectively cover 12 square meters of rusted surface. Application is versatile, allowing for the use of a brush, roller, or even spray (without the need for dilution).

  • How does Neutrarust differ from other rust converters?

    Neutrarust sets itself apart by not only converting rust but also removing surface pollutants, eliminating moisture and oxygen from rust, and coating the metal with a latex membrane for unparalleled protection. It is not just a quick fix but a comprehensive solution.

  • How long does a Neutrarust treatment last?

    A single Neutrarust treatment is designed to provide robust protection for at least 3-5 years. Its enduring formula ensures that your surfaces remain rust-free for an extended period.

  • Is Neutrarust environmentally friendly?

    Absolutely. Neutrarust is acid and toxic-free, ensuring that your rust protection efforts do not compromise the environment. It’s a responsible choice for professionals who prioritize sustainability.

  • Is Neutrarust a new product?

    While Neutrarust is making waves in Kenya, it’s not a newcomer to the scene. It has a strong legacy of effectiveness and reliability since the late 1970s.

    The Royal Navy has trusted Neutrarust on its ships and dockyards since the 1980s, and NATO has been relying on it in the USA for decades.

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